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Wool Owners Warranty

Beauty, durability, softness, sustainability and peace of mind –  things that we all look for when purchasing a carpet and now, thanks to the Wool Owner’s Warranty – WOW – something that we can all have!The Wool Owner’s Warranty is a special after-care service for consumers who buy a wool or wool-rich carpet or rug from participating manufacturers. The warranty and maintenance programme combine  to keep your carpet spotless and looking beautiful all the time.

WOW can last the lifetime of the carpet. The initial warranty lasts 12 months from the date of purchase. However, this warranty can be extended indefinitely.

Just have your carpet professionally cleaned by your WOW Registered Carpet Cleaner once a year and your warranty is automatically renewed.

What Happens Now?

1. Choose your wool carpet with confidence

2. Register your carpet purchase details at

3. Collect your FREE Woolsafe approved spot remover.

You will be contacted shortly by the nearest WOW registered Carpet Cleaner to introduce to themselves, explain in more detail the services you can call upon and give you some basic but golden rules about spot removal.

In the event of a spillage you can contact your local WOW carpet cleaner for further advise and should you be unsuccessful in removing the stain then an appointment can be made free of charge for a visit by your WOW carpet cleaner for professional treatment of the stain.

The WOW warranty is endorsed by the WoolSafe organisation who are a global body dedicated to the care of carpets and rugs. WoolSafe test all carpet cleaning products in this scheme to ensure they are both safe and effective to use on your carpet. Always look for the WoolSafe Approved mark if purchasing additional cleaning products.