Easycare Anti-Stain 10 Year Warranty

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Clarendon Carpets have developed a special stain blocking technology that never wears off, creating no fuss stain resistant carpet for today’s lifestyle


Free guarantee

We guarantee to replace free of charge, any carpet protected by this guarantee which has a food or drink stain that cannot be removed by a professional cleaner.*

1. Register your Easycare online

Register your free stain guarantee using by completing the registration form.

2. Keep your carpet receipt

Keep the receipt from your carpet purchase. This will be your proof of purchase date should there be any query.

3. Have Easycare professionally fitted

Ensure the carpet is professionally fitted. The carpet must be properly installed by a qualified fitter in accordance with BS 5325, your retailer will have full details of professional carpet fitters.

4. Retain a piece of Easycare

Keep a piece of carpet left over from fitting, ideally 18” x 18” In the unlikely event of a staining problem it may be helpful for our technical staff to test.

5. Professionally clean Easycare

Get it professionally cleaned at least once every two years from the date of purchase. Keeping all receipts of professional cleaning. Guidance on every day cleaning problems is available in our Carpet Care section.

For further advice about dealing with spills, removing stains, and to find a local carpet cleaner, you may wish to contact the National Carpet Cleaners Association (www.ncca.co.uk). Please be aware that not all stains listed in the chart are covered by our free warranty .

3 indicates the shampoo should be warm (not hot) stand in a bowl of warm water to warm it if already mixed in a spray bottle.

Always follow the instructions for use on the labels of household chemicals.

Concentrated spillages of peroxide and nitric acid may cause long term damage to the fibre and if dyes are spilled or migrate onto the fibres we recommend consulting a professional carpet cleaner.