Wool Texture Carpets

Loop carpet is great for any where in the house. Uncut, yarn loops have a weave that bounces back to shape.

Wool Twist Carpets

Cut-pile and twisted fibres create textured carpets which are ideal for busier areas.

Anti-Stain Carpets

Anti Stain Polypropylene is highly stain resistant, easy to clean, durable and with good colour fastness.

Soft Touch Carpets

This silky, sophisticated carpet ensures a luxurious and soft feeling underfoot.

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The look, feel and quality of a carpet is largely dependent on the type of yarn fibres used to make it. Carpet suffers harsh treatment from shoes, furniture, grit, dirt and vacuum cleaners. The pile must retain its looks and density, and so must be very hard wearing.

Recognised as the best fibre to use in carpet as it’s naturally flame-retardant, durable, easy to clean and retains its appearance well. It offers softness and ease of cleaning, doesn’t flatten easily and resists abrasion and dirt. It has natural insulation properties which is good for reducing both heat loss and noise.

It’s a sustainable fibre, and it’s recommended that wool should be used for carpet either in a pure 100% form or in a blend with other fibres with at least 50% wool. However, it’s more expensive than man-made fibres, so the most common carpet fibre blend is 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre mix, as this combines the best properties of both.

Hardwearing and long-lasting, cut pile and twisted fibres create these textured carpets. The fibres fluff less, while the heathered finish shows fewer marks. Twist carpet is a cut pile made from twisted fibres, and is the most commonly-used style of tufted carpet. The twisted fibres have a coarse finish that creates a textured surface to the carpet. Twist carpet comes in two styles, either plain or heathered (slightly mottled). Heathered carpet is perfect for busier areas in your home as marks are less likely to show. It’s a hard wearing carpet, and suitable for most areas in your home, including halls, stairs, landings and main room.

We all lead busy lives, and accidents will always happen, regardless of how careful we are – so the last thing you need to worry about is your carpet.

Manufactured with built-in stain protection, our anti stain collection gives you guaranteed peace of mind – free from the worry of stubborn stains & spills.Clarendon anti stain carpets offer a host of fantastic features – these include stain resistance, hard wearing & 2-ply pile construction.

Coffee spills, red wine, ground-in mud & dirt or unfortunate pet stains – no problem.

Greasy or dried-in stains – even nail varnish can easily be removed – leaving your carpet looking as good as new.

Loop carpet is made from uncut loops of yarn which can be flat or textured. They generally have a rugged appearance, similar to natural flooring like sisal, and look particularly good in hallways or on stairs. This type of carpet is great for busy rooms as the weave bounces back really easily. We don’t recommend loop pile carpet though if you have pets, as the loops can get pulled by their claws.

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